Weeknight Seafood Buffet & Raw Bar

Monday - Friday, 4pm - 9pm

$26.95 per person
Children 6-12 1/2 Price and Kids 5 and Under Free
Full Menu and Crabs Available

Buffet Items:
Steamed Shrimp
Oysters On The 1/2 Shell
Mini Crab Cakes
Steamed Clams
Steamed Shrimp
Cocktail Shrimp
Garlic Mussels
Cajun Crawfish
Fried Shrimp
Crab Imperial
Seafood Gumbo
BBQ Ribs
BBQ or Fried Chicken
Pork or Beef Kabobs
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables
Build Your Own Garden Bar
Fresh Seasonal Fruits
Mashed Potatoes
Pasta Dishes
Seafood Pasta
Fresh Fish, Baked, Broiled, or Blackened
Rice Pilaf
Assorted Desserts
and much, much, more!

Items May Vary
All Beverages Extra